What is wrong with being black?

So some weeks ago I was reading a post on Tumblr from one of the blogs I follow and it was on Black men issues.It sounded a bit savage to me. The guy’s story is as follows.

 He was coming back from a friend’s place and he saw this young black woman with a book and a child walking besides her and all of a sudden,this woman’s book dropped, so he offered to help her pick it up but she shoved him aside and picked it up herself and carried her baby and went off, off without even looking at him to say a sorry or at least a “next time please don’t bother”.          If you carefully read this you would notice that  there is some act of maltreatment towards a black man from a black woman. Is this se issue of race? Or it’s just fear that he could be one of the thugs too? And she doesn’t want to get in contact with someone the police are chasing after because we blacks are the criminals . 

  But why are we the tagged “criminals”? This also makes me remember a quote in the book Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie  which says  “If you are white stay right here,if you are brown stick around and if you are black get right back”. 

 She probably thought he was going to steal from her or hurt her and she ran for her life. But in this case I believe a gentleman was just trying to be a gentleman and that was the best he could receive. Due to racial issues from other races on black men even black people are scared if black people.But it shouldn’t be so I believe.